Garry Hamilton Ltd

Maintenance & Repair

Following installation, we appreciate that there may be a need for maintenance and repair further down the line. This is why we stay in touch and plan an annual service programme with our customers and be there to keep your heating system running smoothly, supplying you with efficient energy and saving the environment!


These systems do require maintenance to ensure they are running efficiently and at their optimal level! Even after installation we want to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your system.


If you are concerned about the running of your heat pump and its efficiency, please give us a call and arrange for an engineer to visit. 

Looking after your heat pump

You can of course look after your own heat pump, by doing things such as checking for any leakages. Although condensation is common, if you notice any considerable amounts of water or a clear leak then that indicates there is an issue somewhere with your pump.

Keep your system running smoothly, keep saving money and keep using renewable energy which will benefit our planet!